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Product Image (TFL04) Through the Mud & the Blood

(TFL04) Through the Mud & the Blood


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Aimed at large scale skirmish actions in the Great War, with between 30 and 120 figures a side, and are based around the actions of leaders in battle. Sixty-four pages in all, the rules are presented in staple bound format with a heavy card gloss colour cover with a central colour photo section. As well as the main rules there is a supplementary section covering the organisation and tactics of the Germans, French, British and US forces and details of WWI artillery tactics.

Perfect for trench raid and platoon and company level engagements from 1914 to 1918. Packed with super period detail.  And don't forget, customers purchasing this can then email us to get the free inter-war PDF supplement, "Triumphant Standards" which covers the 1938 Very British Civil War, the Irish War of Independence and the Freikorps in the German Civil War!  

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