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USPS just raised the rates considerately on Flat rate boxes (small & international) and to Canada

US shipping      $10.40 flat rate via US Flat Rate Priority Mail

Canadian shipping $1.00- $99 US is $22.20, $100- $199US is $32.50,  $200.-249 is $40.50 and $250 on up is $50.00. If shipping is less the difference will be refunded.

Europe & Latin America $35.00 US 1st class mail for orders under $200USD. $40.00 for packages over $200USD. If shipping is less the difference will be refunded.

   If order is over $300. some of the 10% discount may be used to defray shipping charges over $45.00. If the shipping exceeds the amount paid on the website an additional shipping charge may be required.

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