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Product Image (100MOD249) Russian Mechanized infantry (Afghan War)

(100MOD249) Russian Mechanized infantry (Afghan War)


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10 figure set. 100MOD250-255

Soviet Motorised Infantry paints used.
I have to confess that I have a total chaos system for painting figures - I mix up colours as I need them or to match reference, and often lose track of which colours have been used. I have in the last few years started to keep notes of colour combos to make life easier for myself. 
Vallejo colours:
KLMK suit base: 967 olive green + small amount 979 Ger. cam. dark green.
KLMK suit highlights: as above + white.
KLMK suit spots: 819 Iraqi sand.
Body armour + pouches: 879 green brown.
Belts + Y-straps base: 847 mahogany
Belts + Y-straps highlights: 818 red leather.
Helmet base: 979 Germ. cam dark green.
Helmet highlights: as above + 967 olive green.


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