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Product Image (100CIV068) NEW Penelope & the Loom (Coming soon)

(100CIV068) NEW Penelope & the Loom (Coming soon)


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Eureka Miniatures is excited to release the following new sets to our 28mm Bronze Age Greek and 28mm Civilians range. These new miniatures feature sculpting from Alan Marsh, Kosta Heristanidis and Paul Clarke.

Bull leaping is thought to have been a key ritual in Minoan Crete and we thought our Bronze Age Greek range would not be complete without a vignette of a bull being leapt over by some suitable acrobats. Though Bull-leaping was quite common in Bronze Age art all through the Mediterranean (probably through Minoan trade), this vignette wouldn’t look amiss amongst your Mycenaean, Hittite and Sea Peoples armies as well.

Alongside this release we have a whole host of Ancient Civilians suitable from the late Bronze age to Roman times. Alan Marsh and Kosta Heristanidis have teamed up beautifully to create workers, merchants, goat herders, a mule team and to top it off some women weaving while they possibly wait anxiously for their husbands to return.

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